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The Ultimar HOA draws on a wide array of professional experience through our tremendous group of owners. The HOA takes primary responsibility for all functions and facilities that are outside the three buildings. The main focus of HOA is to maintain our shared campus amenities, landscape design, and state-of-the-art access for owners and guests.


The HOA takes primary responsibility for all functions and facilities that are outside the three buildings (ie., landscape, owner and guest parking spaces (not garages), gatehouse, pools, tennis courts, and outside amenities).  Each Ultimar building features its own independent association and management team. Each building takes primary responsibility for issues that affect owners, on the inside of their perspective buildings. Each building's policy board and management team work directly with the HOA.  The HOA board and management team takes primary responsibility for issues on the outside of the buildings.

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All guest vehicles entering Ultimar property must display an Ultimar guest pass in clear view on the driver’s side dashboard of the vehicle, which will remain displayed while on Ultimar property. Unit owner is to advise (in advance) the Gatehouse either by phone or Dwelling Live as to a visiting guest.  Guest parking is restricted to the outside parking area.  Under building parking is prohibited for guests. See: PARKING RULES

Parking Rules
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Vendors/Service Providers will not be admitted to the property without prior notification from owner.  Schedule your delivery in advance by notifying your building manager and the gatehouse via Dwelling Live.  Please see your building’s delivery guidelines. Building related priorities such as an elevator/plumbing emergency, UPS, U.S. mail, FedEx, requires no advance notification to the gatehouse.

delivery rules
guest info

guest info

Guests are to enter at the north gatehouse. Click for Map

Owners are to advise Gatehouse in advance to Guest arrival.  Guest is to advise the gatehouse as to owner’s name, building number, unit number, and length of stay.


Gatehouse will advise guest where to park, where to enter the building, etc.

Each Ultimar Building has its own specific rules regarding guest procedures, these rules are listed under each specific building HERE.

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