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Ultimar News Bulleting Board

Attention: Bicyclists!


Bicycle Registration

In an effort to make our common garage areas more orderly for owners and tenants, we would like to work toward registering the bicycles on property with Ultimar HOA management. This will assist us in identifying bicycles that have been abandoned over the years and will help us clean up the bicycle racks. If you own a bicycle that is stored in one of the open areas in our garages, please click here for the bicycle registration form: Bicycle Registration Form


The forms are also available at the bicycle racks. Once your form is received by Ultimar HOA management, you will be contacted and provided with a sticker to adhere to your bicycle. Your help with this effort is greatly appreciated.


Kristin Crockett

Ultimar HOA Manager,

June 14, 2023

scientology murders.jpg

Ladies Book Club Meeting

Ladies, please join us for the first meeting of our book club.

The meeting details are as follows:


When: June 14, 2023, 5:30pm

Where: Ultimar 1 Club Room

What: Please read The Scientology Murders, by William Heffernan

You are welcome to bring a beverage or snack to share if you'd like.

Kristin Crockett Ultimar HOA Manager

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